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Getting Registered as a Physiotherapist in New Zealand

All the info you need to help you with your New Zealand Physio registration

If you're wanting to get registered as a physiotherapist in New Zealand then look no further.

If you're qualified as a physiotherapist in another country then you have 2 routes you can take. There is the Express Pathway and the General PAthway.

The Express Pathway is for those who are currently registered and practising as a physio in either the UK, Canada, South Africa or Ireland. If this is you then you can go through the Express pathway. Our eBook will guide you through this process.

If you aren't registered to practice in one of the above countries then you will need to go through the General Pathway, and our eBook will take you through this process step by step. It is a comprehensive guide to help you through the process, written by a physio who has gone through the New Zealanad physio registration process themselves.

Also, don't forget to check out our 'Getting registered as a physio in New Zealand' Facebook page where you can ask questions and iteract with hundreds of physio's who are going through the process or have already been through the process.

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